Syrians Seek Peace from Terrorism and Violence

Over the years, terrorism has become a global phenomenon. Attacks are constant and overwhelming specifically in Syria. Terrorist attacks are not uncommon in Syria. In fact, Syrians are seeing these attacks as an unfortunate way of life. An estimated 12 million Syrians have fled from their homes and life since the war broke out in March of 2011. Currently there are over 13 million that are in dire need of assistance within their own country. Other countries are accommodating the scared refugees and shielding them from the terror in their war torn country. Syrians are currently seeking asylum from different countries and filing applications to flee and start a new life.


Syria broke out in a civil war in March of 2011. The war began with simple peaceful protests that erupted into a horrific cycle of never-ending terrorist attacks, murders, bombings of homes and businesses and the fleeing of residents to other countries in hopes of finding better for themselves. Originally, this began as a religious war that had pitted Assad’s minority Alawite sect, that had aligned with the Shiite fighters from Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon and was against Sunni rebel groups. Eventually it included a proxy war that had featured Russia and Iran against the United States and its allies. Unfortunately, this war has killed thousands and displaced more than half of the country’s population which only assisted in the rise of ISIS.


Refugees have been migrating for over six years trying to find peace and it has not been an easy task. It is bringing great deals of problems and concerns that involve children. Children are more susceptible to diseases and malnutrition. Syria has been nearly destroyed which is bringing unsanitary issues to the country. The violence is causing infrastructures to collapse which means healthcare systems, schools and business are scarce or eliminated. Death tolls are rising, children are forced into arranged marriages or hard labor and it is seemingly getting worse. World Vision has been able to help and are looking for others to do the same. These people need safety and help along the recovery stage. Syrians are currently living with dirty water, rubble for homes, tears in their eyes and pain in their hearts. Terrorism and this war has brought fear and devastation to a country only asking for peace. Syria is just one of hundreds of countries who have been trampled by terrorism. Survival is key in these situations and knowing the end is not close is tiresome for so many. Syrians are fleeing the only home they have ever known because of the violence that has disrupted their country. Finding peace may never happen for these people but their faith remains that one-day peace will come and they can return home.

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