Hampden Resident Digs out after First Snowstorm

Hampden Resident Digs out after First Snowstorm from Danielle Viens on Vimeo.

Hampden Resident, Spencer Mayer works the controls to help remove snow. Photo Credit: Danielle Viens

For 35 years, Spencer Mayer has been a resident of Hampden, MA. He has lived through all four seasons but there is one season he looks forward to the most; winter. Though many seem to dislike the unsettling cold and heavy snowstorms, Spencer looks at them in a positive way. “It gets me outside, doing something I really enjoy doing. I love hopping on my tractor and spending hours cleaning my driveway and helping out my neighbors,” says Mayer. He said he was “making the best out of a snowy situation.”

On December 17, 2016, the first accumulated snow storm fell across much of New England causing hazardous conditions, high winds, heavy snow and freezing rain. This kind of snowstorm happens often throughout the winter season and cleaning up is nothing new to residents. The storm happened in the early hours which caused concerns and problems for residents who have to get out early and clear out the snow before starting the day. According to the National Weather Service, New England accumulated anywhere from 3-12 inches of snow depending on the location.

“Not cleaning up can result in fines and in some areas, it can be illegal if you do not clean up,” states Mayer. He discusses the problems with not cleaning the snow and he is more concerned of it being a safety matter for other residents. Mayer typically cleans his driveway first then sets off to help others. He says, “my neighborhood is filled with older retired people who just cannot make it outside to get that snow cleared out so I feel that it is my neighborly duty to help and I fully enjoy it.”

As the snow came to an end, many residents were out with shovels in hand, snow blowers fired up and town streets were filled with plow drivers and clean-up crews. Spencer Mayer was one of them as he made his way outside in the brutal cold and cleared the snow from his driveway and neighbors. “Snow doesn’t bother me, let it snow, I will be the first one out there,” Mayer says.


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