Bulls take on Lady Celtics for a Chance at Playoffs

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 6.57.54 PM.png
Bulls begin warming up before the game. Photo Credit: Danielle Viens

Cheers echoed through the gym at Bowe Elementary School in Chicopee, Massachusetts on Sunday, January 7 as the Bulls took the court. Fans reeling with excitement, two coaches battling for one spot in the playoffs, and tensions arise on the court as both teams fight for a win.

Basketball playoffs are only a few weeks away and everyone is getting excited. The Bulls, coached by Russ Bennett Jr. are expected to take first place for the first time. Bennett, 45 of Chicopee has been coaching for many years and has won multiple tournaments but this will be a first for him with this age level, ages 9 and 10. Parents are thrilled with the season so far and are looking forward to the next several weeks. For one particular parent, this means more to him than anything. His daughter finally decided to give his favorite sport a try and learned she was really good at it.

“Makes me proud to see my only daughter picking up a sport that she has never been interested in,” states Francisco Torrez, 32, of Chicopee. He goes on to talk about how quickly the team came together after the original coach left them in the dust after one practice. Torrez said it was “good riddance” because that one coach was awful and made the girls cry. A coach is supposed to be supportive and teach and Russ Bennett is exactly that. Fans say he is quiet but he certainly knows his stuff when it comes to coaching youth children.

In 1891, basketball was invented by a Presbyterian man named James Naismith. The game was originally invented to keep young men occupied rather than getting into trouble. Basketball was invented in Massachusetts where the first game was ever played and is also the home to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Basketball caught on and eventually began opening minds and hearts to those all over the world.

This week’s game featured the Bulls and the Lady Celtics and with the Bulls already occupying the first place spot in the league standings, the Lady Celtics were looking to knock them off the board. The game began with the Lady Celtics taking first shot at the ball while the Bulls went on to steal the ball and gain the first point. Throughout the game, fans witnessed discipline, teamwork, good sportsmanship and excellent coaching.

The game ended with a great win for the Bulls with a final score of 34-2 making them number one and on track for playoffs. Many fans stated they were “looking forward” to seeing what Coach Bennett has in store for the girls in the upcoming weeks.


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