Yoga Becoming Popular for all Ages in Men and Women

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 3.44.10 PM.png
Yoga Class Stretching. Photo Credit: Danielle Viens

Namaste; a word often heard in yoga. Typically, yoga features younger fit women, however, today, yoga is becoming more diverse which includes men taking on the role as instructors. The Scantic Valley YMCA in Wilbraham, Massachusetts features Ace; a fit man who seems to do it all, he is a personal trainer as well as a vinyasa yoga instructor.. There has been a spike in different age groups from the young to the elderly taking these yoga classes as well as men. “There is a great health benefit for those who do yoga,” states Ace. “They seem to have more energy and more motivation to exercise and be healthy,” says Ace.

Vinyasa yoga is a different type of yoga that is a form of discipline that utilizes both posture and breathing techniques. This is a difficult kind of yoga as it is more intense and creates health benefits for those who do this yoga.

If asked who yoga benefits, most would say young women. According to the director of the Scantic Valley YMCA, Sandi Boland, “Our yoga programs benefit everyone here. We like seeing men get involved because it helps them relax and I have been told it takes a lot of aggression out. When Ace teaches the class, he is not very gentle because he wants you to work your body and he wants to see sweat.”

The yoga class that Ace taught on Friday, January 13 included 21 women and four men. All of which ranged in ages from 20 years old to roughly 80 years old. Though there were some struggles from those who were a bit older and inexperienced, Ace made sure they were comfortable and able to participate. They did not give up during the class and thanked Ace for yet another great workout. Upon completion of the class Ace had stated that he “enjoys the diversity” in his class and also “looks forward” to having more join in the future.



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