High School Freshman makes Positive Impact Mentoring Kids in Sports

Kelsey shows Danielle the proper form in shooting a free throw. (Photo Credit: Danielle Viens)

Fifteen-year old Kelsey Bennett is not just a typical teenager. She is a high school freshman who takes on multiple tasks every day. She plays multiple sports throughout the year, assists in coaching, and mentors young kids who desperately look to be better in sports. Bennett says, “I enjoy what I do because I am good at it and I feel that I can help others have the confidence to be good at it too.” She believes in the kids she helps and her work seems to pay off with the kids she helps. Danielle Gregoire is an 11-year old girl who doubts herself every chance she gets but with Kelsey mentoring her, her confidence in herself has changed. “I feel like I am doing much better than I was when I started. I am finally starting to feel at home with my skills and I am so thankful for the help that she is giving me,” states Gregoire.

Gregoire makes a layup using the technique taught by Kelsey. (Photo Credit: Danielle Viens)

Bennett teaches all the basic fundamentals of basketball that include: proper layups, form, stance, free throw position, blocking and dribbling.

Bennett shows Gregoire how to block (left). Gregoire holds ball to form a proper free throw (right) Photo Credit: Danielle Viens

In the end, Bennett hopes that the skills she teaches these kids help boost their confidence and allows them to play better in their games with their teammates. “Too many kids feel pressured to be the best and I choose to help them get better so they do not feel as much pressure and they can feel better about their performance,” says Bennett. After the hour was completed, Gregoire had stated that she “feels she is getting better” and Kelsey has “improved her skills.”

Gregoire takes one last chance at making a free throw without the help of Kelsey. (Photo Credit: Danielle Viens)

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