Going Beyond the Baby Blues

New mom awaits birth of her second child. (photo courtesy of Danielle Viens of Danielle K Photography)

Having a baby is stressful—no matter the situation a person is in. When sleep deprivation, emotions, and new responsibilities are considered, there is no surprise that most new moms are riding on an emotional rollercoaster. Typically, the feeling is called the baby blues, which is normal especially when the first child is born. However, sometimes these new feelings do not go away and can bring new symptoms such as anxiety, fear, fatigue, and worry. When new moms experience these symptoms for an extended period, it is possible the mom will be diagnosed with postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is a serious medical condition that can become a big problem. Symptoms of postpartum depression include: mood swings, inability to bond with the baby, withdrawing from family, sadness, suicidal thoughts, and overwhelming guilt. If not treated, symptoms could get worse and could potentially become more dangerous.

Most women do not even realize they have postpartum depression, they just go through the motions of everyday life. There are ways the body will subtly tell a person that she is experiencing postpartum depression. A new mom with this type of depression has a hard time sleeping and is just really tired all the time. Anxiety and worry would start to kick in and she would cry all the time. Listening to the body and understanding that these symptoms are not normal can help in the long run.

One way to see the world is through the innocence of a child. (photo courtesy of Danielle Viens)

Finding the right information is always helpful. Twitter will hold many sites for support groups such as Beyond the Baby Blues and Postpartum Support International. Both Twitter pages are followed by thousands and provide articles, links for getting help, and advice on how to deal with every day stress of being a new parent. Facebook is a great tool to have as well when looking for support on postpartum. Postpartum Depression Awareness is a wonderful page and is filled with knowledge and support for any new parent experiencing issues post birth. This page has over 6,900 followers and almost 7,200 likes. This organization is nonprofit and is very involved within any community. Postnatal Depression: Don’t Suffer Alone is a great community on Google+. It is public with 310 members who are all providing experiences of their own and local advice to help others.

Finding information to help and support you is simple on all levels of social media. No one should suffer alone. Being able to find the necessary information is important for a new parent to go beyond the baby blues and understand what they are going through. One amazing thing to know is that postpartum depression is treatable and can be short to medium term.


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