Hidden Perinatal Disorder Surfaces Alongside Postpartum Depression

Beaches can be calming to those with anxiety. The sound of the waves serves as a distraction. (photo credit: Danielle Viens)

Statistics show that 14% of women get postpartum depression after they have a child. 1 in 10 of those moms will experience something much worse; postpartum anxiety. Postpartum anxiety also brings on an obsessive-compulsive disorder, also known as, OCD.  The Center for Disease Controls’ (CDC) report only reflects self-reported cases which means there are more out there experiencing perinatal disorders and are ashamed or unaware.

Postpartum anxiety is the hidden disorder nobody talks about. This type of anxiety brings on unfortunate symptoms such as: hypervigilance, mind racing, disturbing thoughts, paranoia, fear, and the thoughts of the unknown. Getting help can be simple by contacting a doctor and talking about these every day worries. The doctor may prescribe medication to help balance out the mood or provide different alternatives to get through the day.

A man by the name of Charles Linden is an expert in anxiety disorder recovery. Although located in the United Kingdom, Linden has helped over 22 million people overcome their anxiety. The Linden Method is recommended to new moms as an alternative to medication, according to Dr. Brenda Maloney, an Obstetrics and Gynecologist at Riverbend Medical Group in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

The Linden Method is a program that provides people with the guidance, knowledge, support, and the reassurance about their condition. It will explain their symptoms and how to erase them from their minds. Joining this program provides access to webinars, success stories, and different ways to enjoy life. The Linden Method has helped over 22 million people worldwide overcome their anxiety and live a great life.

Charles Linden views social media as a tool to help others understand anxiety and how it works. Linden provides videos on why he chose to help people with anxiety. He believes this is his passion to help change the lives of many. Linden has dedicated his time, his life, and his method to changing the lives of so many people. Understanding that anxiety is a disorder can be hard for people to handle. It is the belief of Charles Linden that by taking the time to understand it and getting into the heads of those with this disorder, that he can and will help erase it.

Nature is a helpful distraction and relieves unnecessary stress one may be feeling. (photo credit: Danielle Viens)

Charles Linden states that anxiety is a disorder while fear is the emotion. When a new mom experiences anxiety, she must understand that ridding her mind of the emotion can help balance the disorder. She must take the necessary steps to get herself help to better understand ways to get through her days as a new mom. By utilizing the Linden Method, a new mom will be able to get her mind to understand that what she is feeling is merely an emotion and that she is not alone in her issues.


For more information on Charles Linden and his method, please visit his website here to learn more.


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