Local Business Owner Hosts Restaurant Grand Opening


Chicopee Mayor Richard J. Kos cuts the ribbon with Angela Klusman and family. (photo by Danielle Viens)

On August 1, 2017, Angela’s Family Restaurant held their official grand opening in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Angela Klusman of Chicopee, Massachusetts opened her new restaurant just a short walk from her dance studio, Dance Dynamics. With the support of her husband Brandon and six children, she became the restaurants’ new owner on May 7, 2017. All of whom have a huge impact on the business. Klusman’s children Brenda, Brandon, Chance, Alyssa, Dustin, and Evan all have special menu items named after them.

Angela’s Family Restaurant was originally owned by the Colacci family before selling their business to Klusman. Since the purchase, the business has continued its’ reputation of being a family business. “Without my family, I would not be here right now. My grandmother used to tell me to never give up,” says Klusman. The restaurant will continue to run with the help of family friends, Norm and the Messina family who help look after the business while Klusman will manage her dance studio.

The restaurant provides a great service to the community by giving discounts to the service men and women, sports organizations, and schools. Not only is Angela’s Family Restaurant boosting the community, but it is creating memories for her family as well as other families throughout the community.

Homemade delights such as pizza, gorgonzola garlic bread, bruschetta, and their famous soft-shell cannoli’s make for a delicious night at Angela’s. (photos by: Danielle Viens)

For great pizza, delicious home cooked meals, fabulous desserts, and a family style atmosphere, visit Angela’s Family Restaurant in Chicopee, Massachusetts, you will not be disappointed. For more information, visit their Facebook page.


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