Coca-Cola is the go-to Cleaner for Local Coin Collector

Two tarnished pennies lay side by side before cola treatment. (photo by Danielle Viens)

Do you ever wonder what an everyday product such as Coca-Cola can be used for? There are unusual ways to use this product that makes people wonder why they can even drink it. For instance, an unusual way this drink is used is to clean the tarnish from pennies. Local coin collector, Odessa Rose says it is the best way she uses to completely clean the pennies she collects. “I feel that coke really helps take the toxins off the coin,” says Rose.

Coca-Cola has phosphoric acid which is known to clean oxides and can lift the tarnish off the pennies. Any type of acid is known for cleaning oxides and can be used.

Coca-Cola can used in process. Ingredients with phosphoric acid on back. (photos by Danielle Viens)

Rose uses her process of cleaning in a very careful manner. She begins with roughly three tablespoons of cold Coca-Cola in a clean Tupperware container. “I rinse the coins in

Time taken to clean both pennies. 19 minutes, 58 seconds. (photo by Danielle Viens)

cold water prior to setting them in the soda. Once they are in the soda, I prepare a clean cloth and shine the coins as I take them out. I rinse again with water and if they are still not clean enough then I will place them back into the soda. Once completed, I will either use a soft bristle toothbrush or pat dry,” says Rose while explaining her process.

She says her grandfather used to use the same process so she adopted it as her own. She states, “I have met other coin collectors who use this process as well and I was amazed to learn I was not the only one. I believe that as a collector that likes to have shiny coins such as pennies, this is the way to go.”


Left Photo: Both tarnished pennies after the cola treatment. Right Photo: After photo with cola can, toothbrush that was used and Tupperware container. (photos by Danielle Viens)

Try it for yourself and watch the tarnish be removed before your very eyes.


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